Call to Action: Water for Climate Solutions

Water and Climate Leaders set a path forward by calling on countries and other institutions to work together to achieve alignment of water and climate policies and actions. This call to action highlights the need for countries to provide mutual support through sharing of data, experiences, and ideas and to mainstream water into all current […]

Water and Climate Leaders Report 2021-2023

At COP28, the Water and Climate Leaders met and took stock of their actions during the past couple of years. This report outlines the impact, members (past and current), and activities of the leaders and suggests a path forward. Downloadables Water and Climate Leaders Report 2021-2023

Water and Climate Leaders Statement at COP27

The Water Imperative for Climate Action: Message to National and Global Leaders Attending COP27 At COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, the Water and Climate Leaders have released a statement that urges heads of state and government to take more integrated water and climate action to replace the existing fragmented approach where water is often seen as […]

Introducing our New Director to the Secretariat of the Water and Climate Coalition

We welcome Dr. Stefan Uhlenbrook as our new Director of the Water and Climate Coalition Secretariat. Dr. Uhlenbrook has formally taken up this position on the 1st September 2022. Until his appointment, he had been the Strategic Programme Director for Water, Food and Ecosystems at the International Water Management Institute (IWMI). We take this opportunity […]

Action plan endorsed by the Water and Climate Leaders

On the leadup of the Dushanbe Water Conference, the Water and Climate Leaders endorsed an Action Plan for Integrated Water-Climate Agenda and solutions following their call for action earlier this year. Downloadables Water and Climate Leaders Action Plan Call for Action

Abstract Call for Collaborative WCC Members’ Publication

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The Water and Climate Coalition, in partnership with Our Future Water, invites its members to contribute to one of the upcoming publications titled “Climate Resilient Water Resources Management – Driving the Conversation Forward” which aims to stimulate high-level discussions on climate-resilient water resources management in the build-up to COP 27. As part of the endeavor […]

Water and Climate Leaders Call for Action

Water and Climate Leaders have issued a call for more urgent and united action “to protect our people and future generations” in the face of alarming new scientific evidence from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of growing global threats to water availability and from water-related hazards. This is their call:  Call for Action

Water and Climate Coalition takes shape

Climate change impacts are affecting water availability and are exacerbating the damages floods and drought cause worldwide. Climate related water action is a key for bringing us back on track to deliver Sustainable Development Goal 6, to ensure access to water and sanitation for all and to sustain a healthy environment. WMO hosted a virtual diplomatic […]