Climate change threatens us all and water is the primary vehicle through which we feel the impacts of climate change. To effectively address both water and climate challenges, we must bring climate change and water to the same table – into the same conversation: Tackling them as one. The Water and Climate Coalition is a community of multi-sectoral actors, guided by high-level leadership and focused on water action, intent on making this happen.

We are seriously off track to meet the current goals of the water-related SDGs, especially SDG6 and we are nowhere near ensuring resilient water adaptation to climate change as well as demographic and socioeconomic development for the future.

A major obstacle to providing efficient and sustainable water solutions is the lack of information about the currently available water resources, future availability, and demand for food and energy supply. Decision-makers are faced with the same dilemma when it comes to flood and drought risks.

Today, 60 % of WMO Member States report declining capabilities in hydrological monitoring and thus in the provision of decision support in the water, food, and energy nexus. More than 50 % of countries worldwide have no quality management system for their water-related data in place.

Only about 40% of countries worldwide have good flood and drought early warning systems operational. Political decision-makers around the world lack a trustworthy information base in order to make decisions that have legal consequences on river basin scales. This situation is unacceptable in the 21st Century and seriously threatens the sustainable development agenda.

The Water and Climate Coalition supports the implementation of the UN-Water Action Decade through the UN-Water Global Accelerator Framework for SDG 6 with a concrete action mechanism.

Providing tangible action, activities and policy support, for an integrated water and climate agenda

Focusing on data, information, monitoring systems and operational capacity

A non-bureaucratic coalition focused on action

Guidance for high-level policy development through its panel of Water and Climate Leaders

A platform for its members to partner on joint activities and implement solutions that address the gaps of operational water and climate challenges with a focus on data and information.

The Structure


We are seriously off track to meet the current goals of the water-related SDGs, especially SDG6 and we are nowhere near.....

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Tangible outcomes of the coalition and timeline...



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The Secretariat of the Water and Climate Coalition is hosted within the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)...


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