Water and Climate Leaders

Invited by WMO Secretary General Petteri Taalas and UN Water Chair Gilbert Houngbo, the “Water and Climate Leaders” aim to set and pursue an integrated global Water and Climate Agenda in support of sustainable development and national mitigation and adaptation actions. Their focus is on catalysing action through leadership and example.

The Panel will provide strategic guidance on integrating the water and climate agendas, as well as maximizing synergies in designing and implementing actions to achieve SDGs 6 and 13, alongside ensuring effective climate action for adaptation and resilience.
The “Water and Climate Leaders” are a a panel of eminent representatives of UN Members, civil society and the private sector.



Mr. Emomali Rahmon

President, Republic of Tajikistan



Mr. János Áder

President, Hungary



Mrs. Hilda Heine

Past President, Republic of the Marshall Islands



Mr. Komi Sélom Klassou

Past Prime Minister, Republic of Togo



Mr. Han Seung-soo

Past Prime Minister, Republic of Korea



Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aty

Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, Egypt



Mr. Carl-Hermann Gustav Schlettwein

President AMCOW; Minister, Republic of Namibia



Ms. Barbara Visser

Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, Kingdom of the Netherlands



Mr. Abdelkader Amara

Minister, Kingdom of Morocco



Mrs. Hannele Pokka

Professor; Past Minister, Republic of Finland



Mrs. Haydée Rodriguez

Vice Minister, Republic of Costa Rica 



Mr. Gilbert F. Houngbo

Chair UN-Water; President IFAD



Mr. Petteri Taalas

Secretary General WMO



Mrs. Mari Elka Pangestu

World Bank Managing Director of Development Policy and Partnerships



Mr. Howard Bamsey

Chair Global Water Partnership



Mrs. Lindsey Blodgétt

World Youth Parliaments for Water



Mr. Matthias Berninger

SVP Public Affairs & Sustainability BAYER



Mr. Ernest Gibson

UN Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change

Tangible Outcomes

Global water
observing system
Financing rationale to take into account societal benefit in water & climate development
Cooperation frameworks for assessing and sharing benefits of river basin scale adaptation activities
Unified mechanism for integrated climate and water stocktake
International mechanism to monitor and address water loss from melting cryosphere

Overview of the Leaders Milestones



Cooperation frameworks for assessing and sharing benefits of joint adaptation at river basins scale presented in 2022


Concept for global water observing system agreed on 2023 conference


Global mechanism for financing the preservation glaciers 



Mechanism supports measuring and sharing benefits of regional adaptation 


Cooperation frameworks for assessing and sharing benefits of joint adaptation at river basins scale presented in 2022


Mechanism for integrated water and climate stocktake presented in 2023


Concept for financing integrated water and climate action presented at 2023 conference


Year of preservation of glaciers

Advisors Group

The Advisors are experts appointed by the members of the Panel to support the “Water and Climate Leaders”.

The Advisors support the Coalition and provide information for the Panel Members to advocate for urgent climate and water related action. They also serve as the custodians of the Matrix of action of the Coalition. They create impact through:





Taking stock of the work of the Coalition and its progress quarterly
Informing the Leaders of the Coalition`s progress regularly in preparation for the different international platforms showcasing water and climate events like World Water Fora, World Water Weeks, COPs, etc
Guiding the Coalition to develop an effective matrix of action including priority action areas, based on feedback from the “Water and Climate Leaders”
Advising the “Water and Climate Leaders” on priority investment needs

Minutes of the Meetings