Water and Climate Coalition

Water and Climate Coalition (WCC) brings together multistakeholder actors to join forces to tackle interlinked water and climate challenges

In the Spotlight

Water and Climate Leaders Op-ed

2025 declared as the International Year of Glaciers' Preservation

Statement at COP27 by the Leaders

Who are we?


High-level leaders that bring the integrated water and climate agenda to the global political arena and provide high-level guidance to the members of the coalition.


A diverse and dynamic action-focused group of multi-sectoral stakeholders collaborating to tackle water and climate challenges with a special focus on data and information.

5000+ YOUTH

United International Federation of Youth for Water and Climate (UN1FY) is the spin-off youth movement of the Water and Climate Coalition spearheaded by regional advocates who amplify the voices of the youth and include them in global decision-making processes. 

Founding Members of the Water and Climate Coalition