Water action is the best answer to climate change – Join us now


The Water and Climate Leaders Panel will provide strategic guidance on integrating the water and climate agendas as well as maximizing synergies in designing and implementing actions to achieve SDGs 6 and 13 as well as to ensure effective climate action for adaptation and resilience.


The objective is that members can engage and align with other members on equal footing to generate momentum through implementing concrete activities at national, regional and global scale. The Water and Climate Coalition is open for all interested stakeholders.

The Water and Climate Coalition is a multi-stakeholder initiative under the SDG 6 Accelerator framework:

  • Providing tangible action, activities and policy support , for an integrated water and climate agenda
  • Focussing on data, information, monitoring systems and operational capacity
  • Ensuring the focus on action by being a non-bureaucratic coalition.

The main objectives of the coalition are to provide:

  • a platform for its Members to partner on joint activities and implement solutions that address the gaps of operational water and climate challenges with a focus on data and information.
  • guidance for high level policy development through its panel of Water and Climate Leaders,

Initial Members