The Water and Climate Coalition is a community of members from scientific organizations, private sector, NGOs, International Organizations, governments, and the civil society. It was founded by 10 UN Organizations and GWP in 2020 to address the gaps identified in the SDG 6 Acceleration Framework. The community is continuously growing with organizations and individuals from various sectors and regions.

The Water and Climate Coalition is based on principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion and is open to anyone, who respects its principles and is interested in actively working towards achieving the sustainable development goals for water and climate (SDG 6 and SDG 13).

The Water and Climate Coalition is focused on action. The members can join and suggest activities on the Activity Marketplace. The members have a specific focus on addressing the operational water and climate challenges with data and information, and capacity development through activities at local, national, regional, and global scales. The Secretariat organizes regular meetings and workshops with the coalition members. The Water and Climate Coalition is present at various water and climate conferences around the world (such as Stockholm World Water Week, COP27, and UN 2023 Water Conference), where members can present their activities at various events.


Founding Members of the Water and Climate Coalition

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