Enhancing resilience to climate change for vulnerable communities in Togo through IWRM and WASH

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Key words:

Water resilience, adapting to climate change, access to water

Goal of the Activity:

Improve climate change resilience of the water sector for rural vulnerable communities


Name of Focal Point

Benjamin Larroquette

Email of Focal Point




Activity Outcomes

1. Increased institutional and community capacity with respect to climate change planning and responses for access to water • Increased awareness of the risks and impacts of climate change on children and young people through national education curricula (primary and secondary schools) 2. Building and rehabilitating climate (both green and gray) resilient infrastructure for sanitation services, water collection/capture, storage and management. • Assessment of climate risks, in order to design, build/rehabilitate climate resilient water and sanitation infrastructure • Private investment is mobilised for the provision of climate resilient technologies • Use of solar power for water supply and treatment (chlorination) 3. Implementation of climate risk informed practices at national, sub-national and local levels to reduce water and sanitation -related climate risks through implementation of climate responsive IWRM and WASH plans in the target areas.

Estimated Activity Milestones


Current Partners

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Desired Key Capabilities of New Partners

Modelling, Funding, Capacity development