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Water and Climate Coalition participating in the MINIMAX competition: Solutions for Managing Water and Climate Extremes

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The MINIMAX Competition is open to all initiatives that contribute to improving flood, drought, and water resources management. The Competition aims to identify innovative and practical solutions that MINIMISE the negative impacts of hydroclimatic extremes and MAXIMISE social, economic, and environmental benefits. Solutions should cover one of four themes, to be selected on 24 March: Finance | WASH | Gender | Transboundary | Urban | Nexus | Youth | Data.


Goals of the competition
  • Inspire action by providing practical and innovative insights on overcoming challenges that motivates actors to develop new water and climate solutions.
  • Build bridges between the water and climate communities and demonstrating how water action can lead to fostering climate adaptation and mitigation.
  • Accelerate change through scaling up and replicating innovative solutions by strengthening collaboration between stakeholders from various sectors and working at different levels.