2025 declared as the International Year of Glaciers’ Preservation

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2025 declared as the International Year of Glaciers' Preservation

The Second Committee at the 77th session of the UN General Assembly unanimously adopted Tajikistan’s initiative to declare 2025 as the International Year of Glaciers’ Preservation and to proclaim 21 March of each year the World Day of Glaciers, to be starting in 2025.

The International Year of Glaciers’ Preservation and World Day of Glaciers highlights the importance of glaciers as an integral component of the hydrological cycle and the serious impact of their accelerated melting on climate, the environment, human health, and sustainable development.

The initiative was proposed by the President of the Republic of Tajikistan at the first meeting of the Water and Climate Leaders in their Call for Action on 3 March 2021 and included in the tangible outcomes in the Water and Climate Leaders Action Plan for Integrated Water and Climate Agenda adopted during the Leaders’ meeting in Dushanbe on 4th June 2022.

With the adoption, all Member States, UN entities, other international and regional organizations, and civil society, including non-governmental organizations, individuals and other relevant stakeholders are invited to observe the International Year of Glaciers’ Preservation and the World Day of Glaciers. It also welcomed the generous offer of the Government of Tajikistan to convene an International Conference dedicated to glaciers’ preservation in Tajikistan in 2025.

UNESCO and WMO in cooperation with governments and relevant organizations of the UN system are invited to take appropriate steps to organize the implementation of the International Year of Glaciers’ Preservation and observance of the World Day of Glaciers and develop necessary proposals on all activities, such as establishing an integrated global cryosphere information system and an international mechanism to facilitate access to accurate and timely information on the cryosphere.

The resolution gives mandate to mobilize financial resources through a trust fund to support activities undertaken by the UNESCO and WMO and the World Glacier Monitoring Service. Governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, major groups, other relevant stakeholders, and donors are invited to contribute to the trust fund in support of activities for glaciers preservation.

Water and Climate Leaders made a worthy contribution to this adoption process by consolidating efforts of the world community, particularly world leaders in the integration of the water and climate agenda. We thank all Leaders and advisors for their support and efforts and congratulate them for their success.

Call for Action
Action Plan for Integrated Water and Climate Agenda
Matthias Berninger, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs and Sustainability, Bayer

Matthias Berninger

Matthias Berninger (born 1971) is a former German politician and member of The Greens from 1993 until 2007.
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