Members & Activities

Provide tangible actions and activities for climate and water

Coalition Members join forces on concrete activities to implement solutions that address the gaps of operational water and climate challenges with a special focus on data, information, monitoring systems and operational capacity.

The objective is that members can engage and align with other members on equal footing to generate momentum through implementing concrete activities at national, regional and global scale. The Water and Climate Coalition is open for a wide range of members from scientific organizations, private sector, NGOs, UN Organizations, countries and the civil society. The coalition is a non-bureaucratic community of like-minded members

Members' Timeline

Stage I of the Activity Concept

Activity Marketplace

For finding partners for a joined development and implementation of solutions

The Water and Climate Coalition will provide a platform for an Activity Marketplace to bring members together to work on concrete activities. Coalition Members are encouraged to provide suggestions for activities that are open / that require partners.

  • Members of the Coalition are encouraged to provide 1 – 3 Activity Suggestions

  • The suggested activities should be open for new partners

  • The platform for the Activity Marketplace will be:

    • A web-based platform on the website of the Coalition. An activity template will facilitate the description of the suggested activity and the search for partners.

    • An interactive platform through webinars, hackathons, etc. to bring partners together.

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Stage II of the Activity Concept

Activity Implementation, Outreach and Support

Partners will implement their jointly planned activity. Progress will be monitored

Once a group of members have agreed on joining forces, they develop an activity plan for their concrete activity and start implementing it.

After a compliance check, the Water and Climate Coalition will provide a dedicated showroom (website, webinars, conferences, etc.) to give visibility to the activities and their implementation. The implementation progress will be demonstrated on the Coalition website and a process of implementation monitoring will be introduced. Additionally, impactful activities of the Coalition Members will benefit from the support of the Panel of Water & Climate Leaders to increase the visibility and raise awareness on a high political level.

Activity Showroom

Providing visibility and outreach through webinars, the website, conferences, etc.

High-Level Support

Activities benefit from the Panel of the Water & Climate Leaders

The Member Concept of the Water and Climate Coalition

The idea of the Water and Climate Coalition is based on the principles of equality between all members and a lean structure to accelerate the achievement of the SDG 6 goals.

The Water and Climate Coalition was founded by around a dozen of Members, mainly from UN organizations. On the short-term, the group of Founding Members will meet regularly to kick-start the coalition.

In the meantime, numerous stakeholders have expressed their intention to join the coalition. The idea is that the Members become active within the Coalition by suggesting activities, partnering with other Members and implementing the joined activities. An outreach and communication strategy will be developed to attract new members and through webinars and information sessions the Activity Concept will be regularly presented to new Members.

A Catalyser Group will be created that consists of a representative subset of Members that put their efforts into driving the coalition forward. Instead of being a heavy governance structure, the Catalyser Group will consist of motivated Members that take responsibility for the success of the Coalition.

As soon as possible, the group of founding Members will be replaced by the Catalyser Group that is supposed to have a subset of founding members and a representative number of Members from NGOs, private sector, research, Member States, UN organizations and civil society.