Tangible Outcomes of the Coalition

Global water
observing system
Financing rationale to take into account societal benefit in water & climate development
Cooperation frameworks for assessing and sharing benefits of river basin scale adaptation activities
Unified mechanism for integrated climate and water stocktake
International mechanism to monitor and address water loss from melting cryosphere
Collaborative Member Activities

Coalition Timeline


5 pilot activities ongoing by 2022

100 activities to be showcased in the marketplace in 2022 ​


Participation of members from more than 100+ countries in the coalition (2023)

Coordination group for supporting peer-to-peer development of implementation of integrated water and climate stocktake at riverbasin level


100 countries participating the Global water observing system by 2025

Mechanism for integrated water and climate stocktake operational in 2025

Global cryosphere monitoring network support water stocktake in 2025


Mainstreaming finance concept through 2027​


Global water monitoring system opertional in 2030