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Modelling community launch workshop

18 November 2021
15:00 – 16:30 (Geneva time)
Online event only


The Water and Climate Coalition is a multi-stakeholder initiative under the SDG 6 Accelerator framework that is aiming to provide tangible action, activities and policy support, for an integrated water and climate agenda with a  special focus on data, information, monitoring systems and operational capacity.  

Data, information and knowledge about the current status of the water resources, as well as sub-seasonal, seasonal and decadal water resources outlooks are essential for successfully adapting to a changing climate. For decision making and knowledge acquisition, national and transboundary water organizations, research institutions, international organizations and other stakeholders around the topics of water, agriculture and environment rely on information provided by operational hydrological modelling. However, the required information is rarely available for an operational usage. By establishing a community for operational global hydrological modelling the WCC is trying to close this information gap. The focus is therefore on enhancing the capacity in order to apply the models in an operational way.
More information in this concept note

Objectives of this workshop

  1. Discuss the concept of Operational Global and Regional Hydrological Modelling Community 
  2. Outline existing gaps in operational hydrological modelling in a broader perspective.
  3. Agree on concrete joint activities in the testing and study phase (Please refer the attached concept note).  

Find the detailed agenda here.