HydroSOS End of pilot phase workshop

7 December 2021
14:00-16:20 CET
Zoom webinar
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Globally, we are dangerously off track in meeting the current objectives of water-related Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). This is particularly evident with SDG6 – clean water and sanitation for all.

A major obstacle in providing efficient and sustainable water solutions is the lack of information on current and future water resource availability. Understanding water resource availability is crucial for decision-makers looking at water demand in the food and energy nexus or considering the risks posed by floods and droughts.

The End of the Pilot phase workshop introduces the major milestones achieved during the pilot phase of World Meteorological Organization’s Hydrological Status and Outlook System (HydroSOS): A system for monitoring and predicting global freshwater hydrological conditions and briefs on the future plans of the project. This event provides an overview of HydroSOS which provides a platform for assessing the current hydrological availability and providing outlooks under a changing climate.  Water status and outlook systems are key components of evidence-based decision-making regarding climate change adaptation. The event will feature an outline of the HydroSOS concept, progress in the project so far which includes the technical developments done during the pilot phase, and a presentation on the challenges and opportunities associated with global implementation.


  • Discuss the technical developments of the pilot phase of HydroSOS, its demonstration portal, and the major conclusions from this phase.
  • Share lessons learnt and discuss new entry points and innovative approaches to improve the System/framework and encourage participation of the members to the project.
  • Discuss the benefits of implementing the system
  • Explore potential partnerships for HydroSOS and invite members to implement or engage in HydroSOS at a national and regional scales.

Run of the show

This event will be highly informative showcasing presentations from speakers followed by a Q&A session. 

This event will be delivered in English with the possibility of being translated to Spanish, Russian and French.


Find the detailed agenda here

For more information find the concept note of the program here.