All Members Meeting of the Water and Climate Coalition

16 December 2021
15:00-17:00 (Geneva Time)
Online event


We will give you a brief overview of the past, ongoing and future activities of the Water and Climate Coalition and present to you the Members and Activity concept of the coalition to explain to you how you can become on active coalition member.
Furthermore, we will have interactive session to get to know the other members to establish informal contacts and to learn about each other’s interests and expertise.

Run of the show


Introduction to the Water and Climate Coalition 

Overview about past and ongoing events and activities 

Virtual Get-to-know:  

  • Small break-out groups to get to know other members of the WCC 

Presentation of the WCC members and activity concept 

  • How can members get engaged? 

Examples of already existing or proposed activities under the WCC 

Snapshot presentation of new activity ideas 

Thematic Discussion in small break-out groups