Climate Resilient Water Resources Management – Driving the Conversation Forward: A collaborative members’ publication

Water and Climate Coalition, Our Future Water

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publication, climate-resilient water management, integrated water-climate policy, collaboration, partnerships


As part of the endeavor to promote a climate-resilient world in which communities are empowered with water data, information, monitoring systems, and policies that enable informed decision-making, The Water and Climate Coalition, in partnership with Our Future Water, invites its members to contribute to one of the upcoming publications titled “Climate Resilient Water Resources Management - Driving the Conversation Forward” by submitting a 100-word abstract by 10 June.


Name of Focal Point

Robert Brears

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Activity Outcomes

The publication, once ready with the joint contributions from diverse members’ expertise, knowledge, and experience in topics related to effective water management and climate adaptation solutions, will stimulate high-level discussions on climate-resilient water resources management in the build-up to COP 27.

Estimated Activity Milestones


Current Partners

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Matthias Berninger, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs and Sustainability, Bayer

Matthias Berninger

Matthias Berninger (born 1971) is a former German politician and member of The Greens from 1993 until 2007.
From 2001 to 2005, Berninger served as Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection under minister Renate Künast in the second cabinet of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. After leaving the government, he was his parliamentary group’s spokesperson on economic policy from 2005 until 2007.
Since 2019, Berninger has been serving as head of public and government affairs at Bayer.