Water and Climate Coalition

Key words:

Youth, water and climate education, capacity development, active engagement, global mobility, governance, resource mobilisation,

Goal of the Activity:

1. The youth movement of the Coalition is designed to be inclusive and non-discriminatory that welcomes all sectoral representations and advocacies. 2. It is designed to foster ownership and a sense of belonging while setting the water and climate as the main agenda. 3. The youth movement will be a unifying agent aligning all water and climate advocacies from different UN-led and independent youth organizations. 4. It will be a youth movement that will fill the gaps and propose solutions over the shared challenges the world is facing. We are responding, beyond reacting.


Name of Focal Point

Jan Kairel Guillermo

Email of Focal Point




Activity Outcomes

The youth movement will organize a global gathering that aims to revolutionize youth participation in the decision-making process through the following approaches: Capacity-Building, Skills-sharing, Youth Development Plan and Agenda.

Estimated Activity Milestones


Current Partners

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Desired Key Capabilities of New Partners

Outreach and communications, Capacity development, Other/s:
youth engagement